In an increasingly complex world, the design disciplines often remain tied to rigid modes of practice. Among these is the growing weakness of the collaboration between professional and research environments, which instead scholars indicate as a potential ground for innovation due to their complementary nature and the different types of expertise they nurture. How could we reframe and rethink architectural design to strengthen the relationship between research and practice? How could this interaction innovate the practice and the architecture discipline from a global perspective? How can such collaborative experiments enhance the quality, resilience and equality of the places we inhabit?

Framing design as a place for collaboration, where competences can be shared, mixed and innovated, this event features a roundtable in which five experimental practices will discuss possible futures for the discipline, in between institutions, universities, and practitioners.

After the end of sessions at Bella Center, Copenhagen, participants will have the time to reach Malmö and Form/Design Center by train and be welcomed with a ‘soft’ opening followed by activities starting at 17.30, which will be accompanied by a small aperitif.



“Soft opening”


Welcome by Swedish Architects Scania + Turin Chamber of Architects, Kristoffer Nilsson and Ilaria Ariolfo.


Moderator’s intro, Andrew Karvonen and Valeria Federighi (Lund University and Politecnico di Torino)


Practice+academia collaboration roundtable:

Finn Williams (City of Malmö): Public Practice: an incubator for the transfer of skills. Supporting and innovating the public sector. 
Paola Alfaro-d’Alençon, Professor of Urban Planning and Design (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and P. Universidad Catolica de Chile). u lab studio a collaborative for commons-based research and inclusive urban space design
Harald Klein and Caroline Dahl, Movium Think Tank (SLU): A structure for collaboration. Learning as a joint experience.
Per-Johan Dahl and Joachim Lundquist (Lund University, FOJAB Architects); H2, a prototype for interaction: (re)Defining habits of mind.
Michele Bonino and Peter Jaeger, PoliTO Studio (Politecnico di Torino & OAT, Turin Chamber of Architects): A lab for local and global reach. Designing futures.


Joint discussion, Q&A and wrap-up with Liu Jian (Tsinghua University)