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Jubileumsfest 2024

Form/Design Center 60 år

Our reporters Alva Nyblom and Oskar Kercso reported live from Form/Design Center's big anniversary party on June 5. 

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Planetary seminarium

Planetary Boundaries

21 MAJ 2024 / 17.00 - 19.45

To reduce our planetary impact, an innovative approach is needed in design and architecture. During the seminar we will learn about a number of research and development projects that, from different perspectives, reflect on the potential of materials and the built form.

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Sveriges Arkitekter Studenterna

Sveriges Arkitekter Studenterna: Tema arkitekttävlingar

10 APR 2024 / 11.30 - 14.30

During the day, the award Ung svensk arkitektur will be presented and you will have the chance to get an insight into the work of some of the nominated architectural offices. Then follows information about the Mellan-rummet – a 72-hour announcement, requesting a spatial installation at Hedmanska gården in Malmö, aimed at newly established architects in building, interior design, planning and/or landscape.

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Arwidsson Talks på Form/Design Center

Arwidsson Talks: Blandstad – levande och högljudd

Panel discussion
Podcast recording

In October, Arwidsson Talks recorded their podcast in front of a live audience at Form/Design Center. Listen to the episode with a Marcus Horning, City Planning Director Malmö City and representatives from CSAM (Centre for Land Use Studies) when they discussed Malmö's development and the possibilities of the mixed city.

Listen here (in Swedish)
Seminarium Cathedral Thinking

Cathedral Thinking

16 MAR 2023

A half-day seminar where the theme of the exhibition Cathedral thinking is deepened, presented and discussed under the leadership of journalist Lars Mogensen together with, among others, Lund Cathedral's chaplain Lena Sjöstrand (N.B the event is in Swedish).

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practicing research_research in practice
Photo: Korta ben

Practicing Research/Research in Practice

03 JUL 2023 / 17.00 - 21.00

As part of UIA World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen, this event features a roundtable in which five experimental practices within architecture will discuss possible futures for the discipline, in between institutions, universities, and practitioners.

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Southern Sweden Design Days

SSDD Studio

25 MAJ 2023 – 27 MAJ 2023
Southern Sweden Design Days
Live broadcasts

Broadcasted from the old railway workshops in Malmö SSDD Studio showcased a rich program. Experience panel discussions, seminars, interviews and workshops. Revisit the tableau if you missed something or want to watch it again!

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Kan tävlingar skapa ny landskapsarkitektur

Can competitions create new landscape architecture?

30 MAR 2023 / 09.00 - 15.00

See the seminar between academia and practice on architectural competitions and how they can be used to create innovative landscape architecture (N.B the event is partly in Swedish).

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Seminarium på Form/Design Center

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