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Every year, Form/Design Center arranges extensive program activities, both based on the exhibitions and on the ongoing cultural and social debate. Through screenings, workshops, lectures and talks, we offer the audience a further in-depth study that promotes dialogue and increased participation. The program activities are often arranged in collaboration with various organizations, academies, business and the public sector.

The unmaking of Malmö

The unmaking of Malmö

21 SEP 2023 – 22 SEP 2023
Guided city tour
Malmö in the Making

Form/Design Center together with ACAN Sweden (Architects Climate Action Network) invites you to two days of talks, workshops and city walks. Together with invited guests, we want to explore the consequences and costs of Malmö's development.

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Common grounds föreläsning

Common Grounds

23 SEP 2023 / 09.00 - 11.00

Malmö Upcycling Service (M.U.S) and RESOLVE COLLECTIVE give a lecture about circular design and how to work site-specifically with local actors and citizens. The seminar is held in connection with the construction of the exhibition Common Grounds, which takes place at Hedmanska gården.

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Nordisk Panorama

Nordisk Panorama Film Festival

21 SEP 2023 – 24 SEP 2023
Floor 3

The 34th edition of Nordisk Panorama Film Festival brings the best Nordic short films and documentaries to Malmö. The six day festival offers film screenings at art house cinemas and experiences and events all around town from 21–26 September 2023. Form/Design Center are happy to screen the Finnish documentary 'Water Tower Symphony' by Panu Johansson.

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Malmö gallerihelg 2023

Malmö Gallerihelg 2023

22 SEP 2023 – 24 SEP 2023

Welcome to Form/Design Center during Malmö Gallery Weekend! We are open until 10 pm on Friday.

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