Mingling, lectures, debates and discussions characterize the days that are carried out in collaboration with various organizations - both locally, nationally and internationally. The language is varied; on September 1st, all presentations are in English (with some discussing conversations in Swedish) and on September 2nd, all presentations are in Swedish (and any Danish / Norwegian guest).

This year's Architecture Days offer explorations from the five Nordic capitals, talks about beauty, reflections on digital material practice and craft architecture, regional development in China, architecture in the Anthropocene era and much more.

Sveriges Arkitekter annually conducts the Architecture Days in collaboration with Form/Design Center. This well-attended national event is free of charge and brings together a large number of lecturers, debaters and partners. The event highlights architecture at all scales - both globally and nationally.

Every year, the architecture days have the theme “Architecture of the future and the architectural role of the future” and the event is carried out by Swedish Architects at Form/Design Center. The Architecture Days 2021 are divided into four half days, each with an in-depth theme.

Wednesday september 1st


Have we entered a new age, one in which man has affected all the natural systems of the planet? This is the opinion of researchers who for the past 20 years have highlighted the anthropocene as a term to describe the role of man in the planet's changes, changes that have accelerated since the 1950s. Listen to presentations about the anthropocene and to conversations about how it affects the role as an architect.

9.00 Welcome to Swedish Architecture Days 2021

9.15 The Anthropocene and its implications for environmentalism

9.50 A world of limits

11.15 The architect in the Anthropocene


We explore the world and meet global colleagues and their thoughts on everything from regional development in southern China, through international sustainability issues where engineering meets architecture, to digital tools and crafts in Melbourne.

13.00 Welcome

13.10 Worlds less traveled

13.40 Urban design and global challenges

14.10 Urban experimentation on a Greater Bay Area scale

14.50 Architecture of new balance

15.05 Towards regenerative design

15.45 Digital material practice: the agency of making

16.45 The design of the encounter


THursday september 2ND


During the morning, we first look back with reflections from the housing fair Bo01 in Malmö, 120 years of Swedish architectural history and world-famous Sigurd Lewerentz. We look forward, among other things, to H22 in Helsingborg, to beauty in the architecture of the future, children's own rights in the city and to property development post-pandemic.

9.00 Welcome

9.10 Sigurd Lewerentz, the architect of death and life

10.00 Bo01 still relevant

10.20 A time machine of paper – 120 years of welfare construction

10.40 Vital, a conversation about interior architecture

10.55 H22, urban development testing new solutions

11.10 Beauty and architecture 

11.25 The new normal

11.50 Children in their own right. Does it change planning, architecture and design?


Is there a Nordic architecture and are there common challenges and goals ahead? Hear five Nordic city architects/city ​​construction managers talk about their cities visions, challenges and current projects. We also get to listen to presentations on sustainable consumption and production in the Nordic region, on criticism and its relation to architectural practice, and on what is happening within the New European Bauhaus.

13.00 Welcome

13.10 Nordic reconnaissance - Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Reykjavik and Oslo

14.50 SUSTAINORDIC – more than just sustainable Nordic initiatives

15.10 Damn Critics!

15.35 New European Bauhaus – what does this mean for the architects and for the nordic region?

15.55 Round up, thanks for this year


More information about the program can be found at arkitekt.se ››



The Architecture Days at Form/Design Center is an open event with free admission. At the time, we will follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations regarding public gatherings.