Having courage and daring to take risks involves being securely grounded in one’s process and trusting in one’s own ability and experience. The theme of this exhibition creates space for this borderland of risk-taking as a sphere of possibilities in which both success and failure lead to progress.

The works in the exhibition are a product of risk as a method or process. They feature concrete risk-taking in the form of the materials and techniques or experienced risk in the form of vulnerability and exposure through the work process, in which identity and invested professionalism are brought into acute focus.


Agnes Larsson, charcoal
Anna Olsson, textile
Cecilia Levy, paper
Fredrik Nielsen, glass
Frida Mälarborn Hoshino, ceramics
Lilian Granqvist Fransson, textile
Lotta Grimborg, textile
Maja Stjärna, textile
Nina Westman, glass
Per Brandstedt, wood


RISK is the third exhibition in a series of seven focusing on contemporary crafts. The series 7 x Crafts is a collaboration between Konsthantverkscentrum and Form/Design Center. The aim is to highlight crafts as a separate artistic discipline, to spread knowledge, and to reinforce the exhibition opportunities for crafts in Skåne. 

For each exhibition, there is a call for entries from among the members of Konsthantverkscentrum, alternately for a group exhibition and a solo exhibition.