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With a focus on the present and the future, our exhibition program aims to make knowledge accessible and inspire, but also to spark conversations about current issues in architecture, design and crafts.

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Southern Sweden Design Days

23 MAY 2024 – 26 MAY 2024

On 23–26 May, Southern Sweden Design Days is back for the 4th edition. During four days, the city is filled with exhibitions, seminars, workshops and networking events at more than 70 different locations. 

Southern Sweden Design Days is organised by Form/Design Center.

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Allmänningen på Form Design Center


16 FEB 2024 – 02 JUN 2024
Floor 2

The exhibition Allmänningen is about our common spaces. The squares, lanes and greenery to which the public today has access. Between urban and rural areas, along rivers and streams, via wetlands and cultural heritage sites, over hills and meadows. They are places of democracy, cultural exchange, commerce and recreation.

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Planetary Boundaries

Planetary Boundaries – Rethinking Architecture and Design

13 APR 2024 – 02 JUN 2024
Upcoming exhibition
Entrance hall+Floor 2

An exhibition that perceive the world from a fresh perspective, seeking an approach to architecture and design disciplines that revolves around planetary well-being and the state of the global environment. 

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Research Studio for Knit and Architecture

Monumental Knit

06 APR 2024 – 25 AUG 2024
Upcoming exhibition
Floor 3

In what way can we use textile techniques to develop new methods for a post-fossil and circular architecture? In their exploratory work, Research Studio for Knit and Architecture (RSKA) turns design hierarchies upside down by using textiles to tackle the built environment in a new and different way.

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