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Form/Design Center is the leading platform for architecture, design and crafts in southern Sweden.

As an open and inclusive meeting place, we target a broad public of all ages and at the same time form a central hub for the industry. Through exhibitions, program activities, development projects and cross-sectoral collaborations, we mediate and strengthen our subject areas regionally, nationally and internationally.

Form/Design Center started in 1964 as part of the non-profit association Svensk Form and is today run with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the City of Malmö, Region Skåne and the Swedish Arts Council. In 2018, Form/Design Center was designated by the government as a national node for a designed living environment.

Our organization is a unique knowledge resource that contributes to increased awareness of the design of the places where we live, work and live our lives. In collaboration with the public sector, academia, business and various organizations, we work actively to generate new perspectives and models for a sustainable future.

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