What Matter_s: design studios + scientists

During 2018, 10 design studios in the Skåne region of southern Sweden were paired with 10 scientists at the cutting edge of materials research. Their brief was simple: spend six months exploring a new material, and then show us what it can do. The results of these collaborations were presented for the first time in October 2018 during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. In March 2019, the project was shown in an exhibition at Form/Design Center.


Participating design studios + scientists

Andreas Kojcevski Hansson & Siri Skillgate + Dr Cedric Dicko
Andréason & Leibel + Virgínia Boix
Jenny Nordberg + Prof. Magnus Tägil
Kajsa Willner + Prof. Dmytro Orlov
Kunsik Choi + Prof. Rajni Hatti-Kaul
Petra Lilja + Dr Ramune Kuktaite And Bill Newson
Petter Thörne + Dr Paulien Strandberg
Studio Aikieu + Dr Solmaz Hajizadeh
Superlab + Dr Axel Nordin
Wang & Söderström + Prof. Magnus Borgström & Dr Vilgailė Dagytė


What Matter_s was carried out in collaboration between SPOK, Form/Design Center, Art & Science Initiative and Southern Sweden Creatives. Curator and coordinator was designer Nina Warnolf.