Break the barriers in the construction of sustainable and climate-friendly buildings of the future.

The future of construction must be sustainable – but how will we build in the future? With what types of materials, and what is the role of achitecture in the change towards sustainable construction of the future?

The challenges in the construction industry are obvious: Our built environment is responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions. During the global transition to net-zero, the industry needs to radically reduce the amount of carbon emitted from new construction, infrastructure and buildings while the industry is expected to grow 42% by 2030, driven largely by the demand for residential construction. The good news is that we know many of the solutions already, and something can be done about it!  

With a series of dialogues at the Nordic Democracy Festivals, we will examine how we can start transforming words, knowledge and technical solutions into action. We will discuss the barriers that prevent us from transitioning to sustainable and circular practices in architecture and construction and we will identify opportunities for catalysing the necessary change.

The event invites architects, urban designers, decision makers, influencers and game changers and interested citizens to discuss perspectives, barriers and levers in the Nordic region that can spark cultural change and drive the necessary shift towards sustainable and circular construction that will form the carbon-neutral welfare society of the future.

Through inspiration from Tobias Olsson, Swedish Architects, Anna Denell, Vasakronan, Robert Vangstad, Urbanity Labs, Madeleine Nobis, Liljewall Architects, Petra Jenning, FOJAB Architects, Susanne Rudenstam, Sveriges Träbyggnadskansli, Magnus Ek, Swedish parliament/Nordic Council, Paula Lehtomäki, Nordic Council of Ministers, we will explore perspectives around the role of design and architecture in driving the shift towards the sustainable, circular buildings of the future and look at how legislation and policy can support this. The dialogue is moderated by Dorte Bo Bojesen, CEO Form/Design Center.

The event is organised by SUSTAINORDIC – Sustainable Construction Materials and Architecture, which is part of the Nordic Council of Ministers initiative, Nordic Sustainable Construction.


Tobias Olsson, CEO Swedish Architects

Anna Denell, Sustainability Director Vasakronan

Robert Vangstad, Founder of Urbanity Labs, Net-Zero Homes

Madeleine Nobis, Sustainability Strategist Liljewall Architects

Petra Jenning, Architect, Innovation Leader & Studio Manager FOJAB

Susanne Rudenstam, Chief Sveriges Träbyggnadskansli

Magnus Ek, representative Swedish parliament/Nordic Council

Paula Lehtomäki, Secretary General Nordic Council of Ministers


Dorte Bo Bojesen, SUSTAINORDIC, CEO Form/Design Center