Pupils from two schools in Ängelholm have, with playfulness and great seriousness, been able to exercise their democratic rights together with architects and artists. In a creative process and through a series of workshops, the children have learned the foundation of architecture and urban planning. They have organized a real protest march and held talks with local politicians. On the site of the future town hall, the same pupils have built a prototype with a clear message about what they wish to see when the new building is ready.

The children’s ideas and wishes have been collected by the project owners and compiled into a proposition for the ongoing architectural competition, which will be decided in the autumn of 2023.

In this exhibition, the inspiring process is presented through film, photos and models together with a research method and in-depth study about town halls. As a visitor, you can try out similar exercises to the pupils; you are welcome to make your own protest sign, build a room with cardboard boxes or contribute to a joint town hall plan.