In a time of ecological and social emergency, every choice and decision to build, not build, or build carefully can either result in the destructive use of resources that harm the planet and its inhabitants, or in real repair. From the stewardship required to maintain buildings, to the political decision to refrain from demolition, and to architecture as an ideological instrument for justice in times of conflict, the exhibition The Great Repair Moves North challenges the ethical stance of contemporary architecture by exploring how to practices a more caring architecture in today's world.

The exhibition is structured around seven topics that highlight different aspects of the maintenance and care of architecture and landscape. These themes are explored at different scales, from the daily rituals of care to, for example, building methods that prioritize working with existing structures rather than replacing them with new ones. Through videos, installations, drawings and prototypes, the exhibition showcases a number of approaches from both local and international emerging and established artists, building antiquarians, landscape and building architects that make repair tangible as a new design paradigm.

What happens when we look at architecture through the lens of repair is that it also becomes accessible to more people because the scope of care extends far beyond the profession, making it available to all of us to engage in caring for and repairing our surroundings. Let's repair more together!

The Great Repair Moves North builds on the exhibition The Great Repair, produced by ARCH+ which was previously shown in Berlin and Paris. 


Atelier Bow-Wow, Agnes Denes, Lacaton & Vassal, Limbo Accra, Material Cultures, THEMA (Sarah Nichols, Akshar Gajjar, Marion Moutal) with Syn Liu, Mierle Laderman Ukeles (curated by Bettina Knaup), UVW-SAW, Sven Olof Alhberg, Joar Nango, Växtverket, Gaia arkitektur, Healing heritage (Not Quite, RISE, Warm in the Winter, Urban Futures), Royal Danish Academy, Secretary International, Hahn & Larsen mfl.