In the call for proposals, Mellan-rummet asked for an architectural idea that both highlights the site's qualities and historical layers and contributes to the discussion of what a contemporary public place can be. In 72 hours, the teams would create a place-based and spatial installation at Hedmanska gården.

The call was aimed at newly graduated architects in building, interior design, planning and landscape. Among the 55 submitted proposals, the jury has chosen "Långbord" by architects Victoria Israelsson and Emma Broberg as the winner.

– In times of recession, creative initiatives like the Mellan-rummet feel both important and necessary! The fact that it is aimed at recent graduates with a clear sustainability and cultural environment perspective gives hope for the future, not least in view of all the exciting proposals we have received in such a short time, says Emina Kovacic, chairman of Architects Sweden.

Hedmanska gården in Malmö is a historically unique place that has had a number of different functions, appearances and areas of use since the 15th century. An example of how a built environment can be robust over time and withstand different economic and political conditions which, as a result, involve changing architectural ideals.

- A site-specific design that invites varied use in outdoor environments. A design that creates spaciousness and clear boundaries at the same time that its permeability contributes to highlighting the site's surrounding facades. Thanks to its transparent and humble approach, it does not take over the culturally-historically place, but rather succeeds in the art of understatedly highlighting its distinctive features.- Motivation of the jury

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  • Olof Martinsson, Cultural Heritage Officer, Malmö city
  • Emina Kovacic, Architect, City Architect Karlshamn/Chairman of Svergies Arkitekter.
  • Sven Vildergren, carpenter/artisan, technician. Form/Design Center
  • Linn Osvalder, Landscape Architect, SLU Movium Alnarp
  • Kristoffer Nilsson, Architect, Chairman, local association Svergies Arkitekter Skåne

The initiative is organized by Form/Design Center, Sveriges Arkitekter and Sveriges Arkitekter Skåne, with the support of SLU Tankesmedjan Movium and The City of Malmö.