Form/Design Center invites you to a festive anniversary party with speakers and a book release of Ingrid Sommar's biography Designaktivisten about Form/Design Center's founder Annika Heijkenskjöld.

Please note that this event is for personal invitees only. If you want to go to the party, which opens at 19.00, click here»

Highlights of the evening

17.30 Dorte Bo Bojesen, CEO Form/Design Center welcomes.

17.40 Book launch Designaktivisten. Eva Wrede, editor Historiska Media in conversation with author Ingrid Sommar and the book's designer Casper Heijkenskjöld.

18.00 About the present and the past. Thomas Hellquist, architect and former director of Form/Design Center (1992–96) remembers collaborations with Annika, including in NordForm 90. Jenny Nordberg, designer and founder of the platform SPOK, vice chairman of the board Form/Design Center, tells us about Pro-Bok, a project that SPOK runs today, which was also present at Form Design Center's opening in 1964.

18.20 Form/Design Center 60 years with Annika Cedhagen, cultural director City of Malmö, Micael Nord, business director City of Malmö, Monica von Schmalensee, chairman of the board Form/Design Center and Dorte Bo Bojesen, CEO Form/Design Center.

19.00–23.00 Inauguration of Långbord, designed by architects Victoria Israelsson and Emma Broberg. The installation is inaugurated by Tobias Olsson, director of Architects Sweden, Birgitta Ramdell, board member of Architects Sweden Skåne, and Angelica Åkerman, strategic developer of architecture Form/Design Center.

The house is filled with music, dancing, bar and mingling.