Stoft is a design studio and small-scale producer of objects with storytelling and craftsmanship as clear core values. In addition to sales of Stoft's own collections, the studio offers design services and innovative concept development in furniture design and exhibition design as well as industrial design and consumer products.

Dust regularly exhibits objects internationally and is regularly published in design magazines. Dust has been awarded several awards, including Designer of the Year / SPACE Design Awards (2018).

Stoft was founded in 2013 by industrial designer (MFA) Jenny Ekdahl, Ola Nystedt and Joel Herslow and is based in Malmö. Stoft's work is often inspired by craftsmanship and materials that balance poetic design with industrial manufacturing. Our name, Dust, was chosen to draw attention to the meaning of stories - small particles and fragments that together create new and surprising constellations, unique to each object.