The opening ceremony in Trelleborg will take place 12.30 on November 10th and will be followed by a lecture with Johanna Rosenqvist, associate professor of art history at Linnaeus University.

The works range from classic handcrafts that place a premium on technical skill and the object’s own inherent qualities to innovative designs and techniques that highlight narratives and care for detail.

Entries were open to everyone who works with handmade creativity under their own name, individually or together with others. The other requirement is that the entrants have a link to Skåne.

Almost 250 entries came in and, during some intense days of meetings in Malmö, the jury, consisting of Anne Elmdahl, Matti Klenell and Agneta Linton, selected 29 works to represent the breadth of the region’s artisans who work with handmade creativity.


Utvalt is a collaboration between Form/Design Center, Konsthantverkscentrum  (The Crafts Center) and Skånes Hemslöjdsförbund (The Handicraft Association of Scania), with the aims to stimulate development in this field in Skåne, increase knowledge and public attention, and strengthen interest in crafts, handicrafts and design today.