The Beyond the Future project, funded by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, aims to create new interfaces and bring together different industries, to create innovation and new solutions in Skåne's hospitality industry. The focus is on the future living experiences "Future Lodging Experience" and food experiences "Future Food Experience".



The trends speak for themselves: the urban people of the future will long for nature. They will long to do something meaningful in their free time, something that feels real, something that is genuine. Visitors of the future will be looking for spectacular experiences, experiences that contribute to lifelong learning, experiences with those you care about or experiences that create opportunities for new acquaintances. At the same time, more and more people are unfamiliar with nature. They have never made a fire or carved barbecue sticks. They have never paddled or orientated themselves among the tree trunks. What then will the future nature experiences look like? How can the nature experience be enhanced, become safer and more comfortable, more spectacular and meaningful if we break familiar patterns and rules of the game, broaden the perspective and get inspired by solutions from other industries? What new business opportunities and attractive services can be created with creative solutions that invite both southern Swedes and international visitors to enjoy our Swedish "right of public access" in a sustainable way?


Designers and collaboration partners within food & drink


Henriksson & Lindgren + Martin Nordin

Henriksson & Lindgren

Henriksson & Lindgren is a newly started studio in Malmö. Stina Henriksson and Ebba Lindgren met in 2016 when they took their master's degree in industrial design at Lund University and have since done several projects together. Henriksson & Lindgren work interdisciplinary and are happy to take on several different projects to explore new areas. The duo focuses on sustainability and therefore close communication with producers is crucial. The studio strives for unexpected but seemingly obvious results. For them, the story behind each project is important, and their design has a clear purpose and/or a poetic core. They hope to contribute to a more open and conscious design climate in Sweden.

Martin Nordin

Martin Nordin is a food creator and cookbook author. Martin has many strings on his lyre and is a creator in the true sense of the word. He works with advertising and communication, is previously Global creative leader for IKEA Foods and has a great passion for green cooking, with two acclaimed cookbooks as a result. His Instagram account with inspiring food photos has over 20,000 followers.


OnMateria + Casa Bartke


OnMateria is a design collective with sustainability as a starting point, based in Älmhult and Stockholm. They work together with companies and organizations with the goal of creating reality-based and tailored solutions with a positive impact on the ecological, economic and social. The collective catalyzes change in the chain of value through design and awareness. From raw materials and innovations in manufacturing, to user experience and life cycle, and finally to product and exhibition. Founded by product designers Eléa Nouraud, James Dart and Lola Buades.

Casa Bartke

Casa Bartke run by Salli and Raphael who live in Loshult, a village with 90 inhabitants in southern Sweden. Their home is an open house, they love to share. It was built in 1850 and has housed three generations of bakers. Today, they run a small-scale home bakery with organic sourdough bread. They also host events in their barn and love to create seasonal food with ingredients from their large farmhouse.


Stoft + Breanäs Hotell


Stoft is a design studio and small-scale producer of objects with storytelling and craftsmanship as clear core values. In addition to sales of Stoft's own collections, the studio offers design services and innovative concept development in furniture design and exhibition design as well as industrial design and consumer products. Stoft regularly exhibits objects internationally and is regularly published in design magazines. Stoft has been awarded several awards, including Designer of the Year/SPACE Design Awards (2018). Stoft was founded in 2013 by industrial designer (MFA) Jenny Ekdahl, Ola Nystedt and Joel Herslow and is based in Malmö. Stoft's work is often inspired by craftsmanship and materials that balance poetic design with industrial production. Their name, Stoft, was chosen to draw attention to the meaning of stories - small particles and fragments that together create new and surprising constellations, unique to each object.

Breanäs Hotell

Breanäs Hotell, Conference & Restaurant is located in the middle of nature and wants to leave as little imprint as possible on the environment. The beds you sleep in are made with bed linen made of organic cotton and washed with environmentally friendly products. The furniture in the hotel rooms - with the exception of the beds - is purchased second hand and renovated or rebuilt to suit the needs of the hotel rooms. It gives a unique look to each room, no two are alike. Breanäs has an environmentally friendly way of thinking about the entire hotel's operation, with its own ecological water and sewage system and buildings that are heated by geothermal heat and in the near future solar panels will be installed on the roofs.  



For more information

For more information contact Terese Alstin, Form/Design Center: / 0739-93 90 19.  


Tourism in Skåne As Skåne's DMO (Destination Management Organization), Tourism in Skåne will market, sell and develop Skåne as a destination. Together with partners, new business opportunities and increased knowledge are created that will lead to higher perceived quality for the international visitor.   Image removed.