Guided tour of the exhibition “Play for democracy”

Lena Jungmark, National coordinator of childrens outdoor enviorment at SLU Tankesmedjan Movium, and Johanna Sjögren Duthy, Head of organisational development and content at Form/Design Center gives a presentation and tour of the exhibition “Play for  democracy” shown at Form/Design Center.


3 x 10 minute presentations

GLAP: Katarina Carlsson, Platskultur.
Child-Friendly Neighbourhoods: Karin Lobo Lundgren, Spacescape.
Gatulabba: Sara Stiber, Växtvärket.


Panel discussion including Q&A-session

Moderator: Kris Johnson-Jones, director, Arwidsson Foundation.

Invited panelists:

Stefana Hoti, Chairman of Malmö stad City planning board (Stadsbyggnadsnämnden)
Finn Williams, City architect in Malmö stad
Karin Lobo Lundgren, City planner, Spacescape
Sara Stiber, Project manager Gatulabba, Växtvärket



Mingling with a glass of sparkling wine.


A vegetarian wrap is offered from 17.00, please let us know in the booking form if you would like one.


Related event

In conjunction with this event, and part of UIA World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen, Architects Sweden is hosting study trip on the theme of children, playing and democracy. The bus tour starts at Bella Center in Copenhagen and ends at Form/Design Center in time for this event.

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