From 28 September to 14 October the exhibition “XOXO” – selections from the exhibition “DESIRE – architecture for our future habitat” will be presented at the Architects Sweden pavilion in the garden of Serra dei Giardini. The exhibition highlights disparate themes which architectural firms, public-sector actors and universities in southern Sweden want to draw attention to and which indicate involvement and cooperation in this field of study in Skåne.

In conjunction with the exhibition, on Friday 28 September from 17.00 to 19.00 there will be an opening speech and networking event on the theme of urban spaces. Participants are Gunilla Kronvall from the Swedish national association of architects, Architects Sweden, at Form/Design Center in Malmö and Jeanette Gostomski from Space by Jeanette.

– The aim of the event in Venice is to exhibit the knowledge and creativity that exists in the region of Skåne, and to link it to the new Swedish national policy and the international meeting place that the Architecture Biennale is for architecture, form and design. Our focus is on what difference architecture, form and design make to the human living environment and to sustainable social development, says Birgitta Ramdell, CEO of Form/Design Center.

In our daily life we are all affected by architecture, form and design – three fields with values and significance for a number of aspects of society. Skåne’s strength is that, based on our agreement between Form/Design Center, the City of Malmö, and Region Skåne’s cultural and regional development committees, we are developing a deeper cooperation, which means that all the local, regional and national forces can work together to best benefit the individual, the living environment and the development of a sustainable society, comment Ulrika Geeraedts, Director of Regional Development and Gitte Grönfeld Wille, Director of Cultural Affairs at Region Skåne.

– Malmö’s participation in the Biennale is important because we have much knowledge to contribute and many companies in the field of architecture, form and design. The fact that we are doing so by cooperating with our partners strengthens the role that Malmö and Skåne have in this field, comment Christer Larsson, Director of City Planning and Pernilla Conde Hellman, Director of Culture at the City of Malmö.

About the exhibition “DESIRE – Architecture for our future habitat”:
On 23 August 2018, 30 concepts about the architecture and human living environment of the future were presented in the exhibition “DESIRE” at Form/Design Center in Malmö, Sweden. The Swedish national association of architects, Architects Sweden, at Form/Design Center had invited 30 architectural firms, public-sector actors and universities in southern Sweden to discuss what is important for tomorrow’s architecture – from interior design to architecture, the landscape and urban development. Each actor who participated in the exhibition chose a theme to focus on and presented its exploratory work via either a film, a book, a debate article or a physical model.

– The exhibition showed the complexity and breadth of the challenges surrounding how we should design our future living environment, and gave space for architects in the region to debate and discuss architecture based on their current commissions, says Gunilla Kronvall, the exhibition’s curator and architect (RIBA II SAR/MSA).

The various themes chosen range from materiality and details to floating cities, new types of districts, social sustainability, urban in-between spaces, flexible landscapes and the cultural history of the future.

”XOXO" is based on selected parts from the exhibition DESIRE:
"Desire for trees" – Gora Art&Landscape, "Beautiful ox, ugly horse" – Förstberg Ling, "The project not for people" – Dis/Order, "White Spaces" – Space by Jeanette, with the films "Tree house city" – Sweco Architects och "Health and Architecture" – Chroma Arkitekter, together with Arklab and Fojab Architects.

Read more about the various future concepts in the “DESIRE” exhibition catalogue:
DESIRE – architecture for our future habitat

Read more about in the XOXO exhibition folder:
XOXO folder

DATE: Exhibition 28 September – 14 October 2018
TIME: Opening talk 28 September 17.00–19.00
PLACE: Serra dei Giardini, Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, Venice, Italy
ORGANISERS: Form/Design Center, the City of Malmö and Region Skåne in partnership with the Swedish Institute and Architects Sweden


The Swedish Instituteis the principal for this part of Sweden’s contribution to the Biennale, and the event is being held in partnership with Architects Sweden. This year’s Biennale, which is the 16th, runs from 26 May to 25 November. This year’s theme is Freespace.

The regional cooperation for the designed living environment had its starting point in the report of the official Swedish Commission of Inquiry entitled “Designed Living Environment – a new policy for architecture, form and design” of 2016. The report highlighted the need for a regional structure where knowledge, experience and networks from the whole of Sweden can be utilised, and also the need to create broad opportunities for implementing a national strategy via dialogue, cooperation and development work. Since the beginning of 2018, ideas about a regional node in Skåne have been made concrete in cooperation agreements between the City of Malmö, Region Skåne and Form/Design Center.

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