As the small portable greenhouse in glass, "the wardian case", in the 19th century made possible global transfer of plants, in order to expand collections of plants and the knowledge of keeping something alive, the exhibition Plots Prints Project is now displaced from the greenhouse and the garden Serra dei Giardini, Venice, to Form/Design Center in Malmö. What does it mean to displace an exhibition? To move something out of context, to put into another? Also, what does it entail to fell and displace a tree? Take it out of context to process it into timber, then letting it undergo further refinement processes?

The interest in wood replacing other materials in the construction of our cities is both a climatic, political and architectural matter. Trees help reduce the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere, it is one of few renewable building materials. Architecture and design can help problematize and strengthen cultures and development of sustainable forestry, traditions and technologies of wood.

In Plots Prints Projections the exhibitors engage different perspectives on how design and architectural representations, projections, images and instructions displace information and how these materialize in wood. But also, how the material wood itself can constitute an instruction for making. In collaboration with the manufacturing industry, the material properties, plots and peculiarities of wood have been investigated at the intersection of traditional craft and digital fabrication. Plots, Prints and Projections, explores architectural translations between the physical and digital, artificial, fictional and real.


In Praise of Shadows
Katja Pettersson & TAF
Krupinski / Krupinska
Nordmark & Nordmark
Norell / Rodhe
Space Popular

Exhibition architecture


Graphic design



Ulrika Karlsson

Project manager

Tove Dumon Wallsten, Architects Sweden

The exhibition is included in the collaborative project Greenhouse Garden – Reflect Project Connect by Architects SwedenSwedish WoodSwedish Institute and Folkhem.