This project is being run in cooperation with the City of Malmö Environment Department and ISU – Institute for Sustainable Urban Development.

Theme: Sharing

An important success factor for achieving sustainable development is that different sectors of society get involved and work towards the same goal. Through this collaborative project, Form/Design Center, together with the City of Malmö Environment Department, wants to show how we can together take joint initiatives towards a sustainable future. As a first part of this collaboration, a series of lectures will be arranged during the autumn. Sharing economy is not a new phenomenon, but digital development has enabled more people than ever to use existing resources more efficiently by making them available for sharing. Resource sharing makes it possible to scale up operations without major capital needs, works self-regulating through users who guarantee quality and it involves a resource optimization of services and capital. Sharing economy is basically a trust economy where the assets are trust and time and it has the potential to generate both social, economic and ecological sustainability, completely in line with the goals for Agenda 2030. The City of Malmö Environment Department mission is to lead and coordinate the city's environmental work from an economic, social and ecological perspective.