The first seminar deals with sharing economics from a planning perspective with a focus on, among other things, human behaviour, patterns and future explorations. As speakers, we welcome anthropologist Katarina Graffman and PR and advertising professor Jacob Östberg. Together, Katarina Graffman and Jacob Östberg have written the popular book "We are what we buy: the culture of consumption is here to stay" (2018), a book about today's consumer culture. The moderator for the three seminars is Lars Mogensen, who among other things is currently the host of the radio program Philosophical Room in P1.

Theme: Sharing - planing, building, living is a seminar series in collaboration between Malmö Stad Miljöförvaltningen and Form/Design Center with the aim of illuminating sharing economy in urban development from three perspectives - planning, building and living.


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Theme: Sharing – Building with the architect Agnes Jensen-Carlén from the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, Christer Malmström, professor and head of the Department of Architecture and Built Environment at Lund University and Hans Willehader, architect and office manager at Kjellander / Sjöberg in Malmö.

Theme: Sharing – Living with recycling designer Daniel Wollin, Ann Edberg - CEO and founder of Ett tak två generationer and Maja Manner - process strategist in community development at ÅF.