- From imagination to education. Sharing economy is a paradoxical concept that gives me ants in my head ... and I like both paradoxes and ants in my head, says Thomas Öberg, singer in Bob Hund. We are becoming more and more people in the world and will share less and less resources. If everyone were to live as we do in Sweden, not even four globes would be enough. Our demand for growth is in contrast to the environmental goals we must achieve. Most people agree that we need to change our lifestyle, but it should be done elsewhere. Not in my backyard. The sharing economy is based on our resources being used smarter and more efficiently. By borrowing or renting from each other instead of buying new, access becomes the new ownership. Intelligent houses and electrical systems that communicate and tailor production also reduce waste. NIMBY is an exhibition about sharing economy within the framework of the project Sharing Cities Sweden. Designers Andréason & Leibel have created concepts and exhibition designs with illustrations, animations and objects.


REGISTRATION: March 20 is the last day to register, limited seating.