Kauppi & Kauppi is a studio and a designer duo with roots in the very south and north of Sweden. Johan and Nina have both worked in-house and under their own names in a range of different design fields in Sweden and international. In 2016 they established the shared design studio Kauppi & Kauppi in Sweden, after living several years in New York and Frankfurt.

The decision to start a shared studio after being each other’s sidekick and discussion partners for a decade, quickly made them realize their combined strength. In their joint projects, they benefit from their different skills and backgrounds. They enjoy to approach projects in all scales, from large spatial design to small scale tactile objects. When developing designs their interest in creating collections and product families runs like a thread through their work flow.

Their design method and process is of an adaptive nature depending on the task, but they always ask one important question:  - How does this design contribute, what justifies the existence of it? The inspiration comes from the contrast between nature and the urban, north and south, in the calming tranquility and the dynamic stream. Their design philosophy is identified by a search for a pure and modest design, celebrating added values that makes a project unique and genuine.

Kauppi & Kauppi offers partnership within interior design, product design and industrial design, strategic and creative services and design experience. Their dynamic approach and broad experience makes the studio a generative and dedicated award winning design partner.