In 2019 Form/Design Center is implementing a pilot project in the form of a mentorship programme for designers working in Skåne.

Designers suggest one to two desired mentors based in the Öresund region. Form/Design Center acts as an intermediary between mentees and mentors, explores the possibilities for successful matches, and then initiates contact between them. A limited number of mentorship pairs will be matched within the framework of the 2019 mentorship programme.

The mentorship programme will run from 1 May to 31 October 2019 (six months). During this time, the mentee and mentor commit to meet on their own initiative for at least three physical meetings (at the mentor’s location) and to maintain some ongoing contact by phone or email.

The mentees and mentors participate in the programme on a no-fee basis.

Why have a mentor?
A mentor is an experienced professional role model who shares their experiences and gives you advice and help for your personal and professional development. Through a mentor you can access support, concrete advice, opinions and encouragement and increased self-confidence.

A mentor is useful wherever you are in your career. Whether you are just beginning, at a crossroads and considering a new direction, or want to climb further up the career ladder, a mentor can be very beneficial. Just tossing ideas and thoughts around with someone who has an independent perspective can be invaluable. You also have the opportunity to get advice from someone who has already walked the path you want to take – someone who has already made mistakes and learned from them.

As a mentee, you should look for someone whom you respect professionally, who has had success in their field, and who embodies the professional characteristics you are working to achieve. A mentor does not have to be a designer but can be someone with knowledge in such fields as sales, marketing, finance, production etc.

Participants in the mentorship programme for 2019

Thank you to everyone who applied for the mentorship programme! The following mentorship pairs will participate in 2019:

Pia Högman + Kajsa Willner, Studio Kajsa Willner
Nina & Johan Kappi, Kauppi & Kauppi + Jonas Lindvall
Erika Norén + Mats Byback, 24hr
Rani Leoson Samuelsson, Riot Shapes + Louise Campbell
Maria Pihlblad, Déjà Vu Design + Jenny Grettve, Jenny Grettve Studio
Martin Björnson + Niklas Madsen, Superlab