For 11 days starting on 23 May we will be filling the entire building with graduation projects from the region’s architectural and design schools. As usual, the exhibition will present interesting solutions to complex issues in the fields of: new products and services, housing and outdoor environments, and information and communication.

The students’ starting point is often the question of how we can live more sustainably in the future, how can we produce and build with greater resource efficiency, and how can we recycle what already exists? Which products and environments help us to have a better everyday life? In graphic design and visual communication, the focus is on the functional and aesthetic dissemination of information, which is expressed in many different ways. Sometimes a picture says more than words, and sometimes words are enough if the form is clear.


School of Architecture, Lund University
School of Industrial Design, Lund University
Architecture, visualisation and communication, Malmö University
Graphic Design, Malmö University
Product Design, Malmö University
Visual Communication, Malmö University