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The Architect Rowhouses: Brunnshög

Brunnshög is a new district in Lund's northern outskirts, marked of the large-scale research institutions ESS and MAX IV. The district is part of Lund - linked by tram to the city centre – but is also a hub for research and knowledge work with visitors and visiting researchers from all over the world.

Arkitektradhusen Brunnshög
Arkitektradhusen Brunnshög

The architect rowhouses were developed to introduce a sense of permanence and variety in a place characterized by new buildings, research and large companies. Inspiration was drawn from Dutch rowhouses as well as townhouses in Lund's inner city. The project has been initiated and carried out by Lunds municipality through the Brunnshög project under the leadership of Christian Wilke.

Unlike the procedure in a normal developer competition the municipality explicitly turned to architects. Applications were to be submitted by architects, and they needed to contain guarantees that the architects who designed the houses also followed through with the houses throughout the construction process.

The applicants were to report on the project's organization, but no specific process or funding model was prescribed. One hope was that the developer competition could lead to discoveries and perhaps even a process and a cityscape that can be developed in other places.

The rowhouses are in various stages of production and the first move-ins took place in July. In the exhibition, the winning architects present the projects, the thoughts behind, and lessons learned from the process.


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Project: Planck

Testbedstudio is an office consisting of three architects who work with ideas, strategies and design on different scales, from new construction and remodelling of residential buildings and offices to interiors, exhibitions and planning of our common public space. Their way of working focuses on collaboration and dialogue, and they jointly own and run the office

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Radar arkitektur

Project: PR Brunnshög

Radar arkitektur works with architecture in the broadest sense – with buildings, landscapes, urban planning, urban life and planning. Since its start in 2003, they have a broad composition of skills working in cross-disciplinary creative teams. The proximity to employees with different knowledge and different perspectives helps to create a good understanding of the location's conditions and the project's potential.

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Okidoki Brunnshög


Project: Onesix

OKIDOKI is a full-service agency in architecture. This means that they are more than an architectural office and that they sell architectural and design services from strategic advice all the way to the end consumer. Clients usually hire OKIDOKI because they can combine a high artistic and commercial level with the greatest social benefit. 

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Lindvall A & D

Project: Townhouse

Lindvall A & D is a small office that primarily works with smaller projects, up to 2-3000 square meters, often housing projects in multi-apartment forms or villas. In addition to this, they make interiors for hotels and restaurants. 

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