One designer/design studio will be selected to carry out the assignment to develop a design concept for attractive rest and service areas along the national bicycle routes Sydostleden (the south east trail) and Sydkustleden (the south coast trail) that run from Växjö to Helsingborg and the Skåne coast. 


Design of a concept for attractive rest and service areas along the national bicycle routes Sydostleden and Sydkustleden that run from Växjö to Helsingborg and the Skåne coast.


Designer/s, design studio that: 

  • Has an education in product/industrial design 
  • Is based in Skåne, Småland or Blekinge 
  • Has a company registered with Bolagsverket (the Swedish Companies Registration Office)
  • Has at least 1 year of work experience 


Applicants will be assessed through an evaluation where experience and documented competence are assessed.

One designer/design studio will be selected to carry out the assignment. Selection is made by representatives from Region Skåne and Form/Design Center. If your application is successful, an agreement will be signed between the applicant and Form/Design Center.


The budget/fee for the assignment is SEK 70,000. Cost for potential prototypes is included in the fee. Statutory VAT will be added.


Region Skåne is principal for the national bicycle routes Sydostleden and Sydkustleden that run from Växjö to Helsingborg and the Skåne coast. Together, the trails constitute more than 500 kilometres of high-quality bicycle trails. Region Skåne is responsible for driving the development of the Sydostleden and Sydkustleden Trails together with the three provinces and 19 municipalities connected to the trails.
From Helsingborg, the Kattegattleden Trail continues – running along the coast up to Gothenburg.

The purpose of establishing the bicycle trails is to contribute to increased physical activity and contribute to attractive experiences for locals and visitors and to strengthen the hospitality industry.

The trails are consistently of high quality, but on some distances are there is a lack of service that is appreciated by bicyclists such as seating in front of a beautiful scenery and the opportunity to socialize, rest, pump/charge a bicycle, refill the water bottle and more.

The project CYKELPAUS (eng. “Bicycle break”) - Attractive rest areas for bicyclists aims to improve service along the trails and strengthen their identity, so that the trails can become internationally known as high-quality bicycling destinations and offer an attractive travel opportunity for international and national visitors. The trails will enable growth in the hospitality industry, rural development, and contribute to a positive impact on the environment and improved public health.


The assignment is carried out within the framework of Sydostleden’s and Sydkustleden’s ongoing and long-term work to create sustainable growth and improved public health in collaboration with three provinces and 19 municipalities.

The project can be seen as an introduction to a more extensive project, with the hope that implementation can take place in a next step (in the near future).

As stakeholders and potential buyers of the concept, municipalities and provinces connected to the bicycle trails will be involved during the process for input and feedback, with the aim of creating incentive and opportunity for the design concept to be realized.


The assignment consists of developing a design concept (product/solution) within the period of the project that:

  • Enables attractive rest and service areas for bicyclists along the bicycle trail.
  • Offers the following features:
    – Bicycle stand
    Bicycle lock (desirable, not necessary)
    – Seating
    – Possibility to grill food
    – Possibility to pump bicycle
    – Possibility to charge electric bicycle (desirable, not necessary)
    – Information on use
  • Is developed for three selected locations along the bicycle trail.
  • Has the potential to be applied in multiple different places along the cycle trail in different landscape types, such as in coastal environments, forests and open plains.
  • Has the potential to be implemented and maintained by a third party, e.g. a municipality or private company within the hospitality industry.
  • Is cost-efficient and offers modularity and adaptation for different locations, needs and budgets.
  • Is developed based on the principles of local production and with characteristics of Skåne, Blekinge and Småland in mind.
  • Offers recognition between different places where it is implemented but also the possibility of adaptation for different areas, for example through choosing local materials.
  • Is developed with a focus on comfortable and high-quality nature experiences, and the trends that are important to visitors (see material for download).
  • Makes it easier for locals and visitors to explore the southern Swedish nature by bicycle.  
  • Is well considered and thought-out from an economical, sustainable and practical point of view, incl. thoughts on how the concept will be used by both locals and international visitors, e.g. by information available in different languages.


The assignment begins in early February and ends in May 2022.

  • January 31
    Deadline for submitting application
  • February 9
    Announcement of selected design/design studio
  • February 16
    Deadline for signing and handing-in agreement
  • April 9
    Part delivery: three alternative concept are presented
  • May 9
    Deadline for delivery of final concept


  • Part delivery includes presentation of three alternative concepts, one of which is selected for further development/refinement.
  • Final delivery must include both a description of the design process and the final design concept, incl. visualization - for example, sketches, mood boards, possible 3D model and/or physical prototype.