The project aims to improve service along the trails and strengthen their identity, so that the trails can become internationally known as high-quality bicycling destinations and offer an attractive travel opportunity for international and national visitors. The trails will enable growth in the hospitality industry, rural development, and contribute to a positive impact on the environment and improved public health.


Region Skåne is principal for the national bicycle routes Sydostleden and Sydkustleden that run from Växjö to Helsingborg and the Skåne coast. Together, the trails constitute more than 500 kilometres of high-quality bicycle trails. Region Skåne is responsible for driving the development of the Sydostleden and Sydkustleden Trails together with the three provinces and 19 municipalities connected to the trails.
From Helsingborg, the Kattegattleden Trail continues – running along the coast up to Gothenburg.

The purpose of establishing the bicycle trails is to contribute to increased physical activity and contribute to attractive experiences for locals and visitors and to strengthen the hospitality industry.

The trails are consistently of high quality, but on some distances are there is a lack of service that is appreciated by bicyclists such as seating in front of a beautiful scenery and the opportunity to socialize, rest, pump/charge a bicycle, refill the water bottle and more.