Designers submit proposals for 1–2 desired mentors, based in the Öresund region. Form/Design Center acts as a mediator between adepts and mentors, investigates the possibility of successful matching and then initiates contact between them. A limited number of mentor pairs are matched within the framework of the mentor program 2023.

The mentor program runs during the period 1 Nov 2023 - 30 Apr 2024 (6 months). During this period, the adept and mentor undertake to meet independently at at least three meetings (physically with the mentor or digitally via Zoom / Teams) and to maintain some ongoing contact via telephone or email.

Adepts and mentors participate in the program without fee.

Varför mentor?

A mentor is an experienced professional role model who shares their experiences, give you advice and help for your personal and professional development. Through a mentor you can get support, concrete tips, views, encouragement and increased self-confidence.

A mentor is useful wherever you are in your career. Whether you are in the starting blocks of your career, facing a crossroads and considering a new direction, or want to take a new step on the career ladder, a mentor can be very useful. Just sharing thoughts and reflections with an outsider can be invaluable. In addition, you have the chance to get tips and advice from a person who has already walked the path you are walking - someone who has already made mistakes and learned from them.

You as an adept should look for someone who you respect professionally, who has had success in their field and who embodies the professional qualities you work to achieve. A mentor does not have to be a designer himself, but can be a person knowledgeable in, for example, sales, marketing, finance, production or similar areas.


“I was a bit lost and struggling in my career as an independent designer, and eagerly needed advice from a professional in the industry. Someone who was willing to share his/her precious experience to enlighten and inspire me. 

For me, the mentor program was such a pleasant experience and it even exceeded my expectations. It has been an honour to get to know my mentor, who has been so patient with me and generous to share anything she knows. We have established a wonderful friendship too! 

What has been most valuable to me is the opportunity to extend my network, and to get to know someone that I look up to in the same industry. A great opportunity to learn from the master. I would be so happy to recommend all young designers to participate in this program!”

/ Jingbei Zheng (Adept)