An exhibition that presents furniture classics, international as well as national, from the early 20th century onwards, all signed female designers. The exhibition is produced by Möbeldesignmuseum in Stockholm.  

At 12:00
Lars Bülow and Kersti Sandin Bülow talk about the exhibition Female Traces and Möbeldesignmuseum together with design journalist Ingrid Sommar, which reflects on today's furniture industry and design world. Where do the women appear?


The organization Swedish Book Art annually nominates 25 exemplary produced books that represent a high production quality and are good role models for book art. Among the contributions to the 2020 edition, there were particular tendencies towards experiments with the book format and color explosions in the inlay.

AT THE SAME TIME at Form/Design Center:  

The exhibition “PUSH-UPS – Goal-oriented exercises + Ifö Center” presents ceramic works by Attua Aparicio created during her residency at Ifö Center, a cultural center in Bromölla, Sweden. Aparicio has used targeted exercises to extend the limits of both materials and techniques. Coils of clay filled with glass and light strive upwards, creating a combination of sculpture and function. 

Four furniture groups represent SPOK's work to gather and disseminate knowledge about local manufacturing opportunities – from handicraft to industry. SPOK Punkt is a concept within the production platform SPOK, functioning as a meeting place aiming to bring local manufacturers and designers together.