SPOK Punkt is a concept within the production platform SPOK, functioning as a meeting place aiming to bring local manufacturers and designers together. On display in the exhibition are examples of the material knowledge that is linked to SPOK. Our four furniture groups are developed by SPOK through a close collaboration with manufacturers from the first regional hubs to join SPOK. Västra Götaland, Halland, Blekinge and Skåne are represented through furniture in different materials and techniques produced by manufacturers listed at SPOK's digital platform.

The furniture groups are produced by SPOK based on the SPOK methodology (the reverse method) where design follows manufacturing and are produced locally at manufacturers within the SPOK hubs. Together, they represent SPOK's presence in the country and highlight the manufacturing opportunities that exist in the various counties.

The furniture groups are designed by Anna Gudmundsdottir, Pia Högman and Andreas Kojcevski Hansson and is produced by SPOK in close collaboration with 12 manufacturers from the first four regional hubs to join SPOK. In the entrance hall at Form/Design Center, visitors can sit down and learn about the story behind each object with a focus on the manufacturer's specific knowledge and craftsmanship.



LIND Smide

LIND Smide is run by blacksmith Jokum Lind Jensen who has 25 years of experience and an extensive knowledge of blacksmithing. With an emphasis on forged solutions, he offers collaboration for objects directed towards public space, architecture, and interior design. With Lind, SPOK has utilized his unique architectural expression to create the metal frame for the table and benches.

Hjobergs Kakelmakeri

A family business with experience in handmade tiles dating back eight generations. In 2020 Kristina and Daniel resumed the tradition when starting up their tiling workshop on Orust. The SPOK Punkt table is covered with hand-made tiles which have been embossed with SPOK's logo and treated with black glaze.

Swedish Wool Mattress Company

Located in Gothenburg, they manufacture mattresses all in swedish wool. Their source of fabrics is mainly Europe, sustainable and non toxic. For the SPOK Punkt exhibition they supplied two mattresses for seating in leftover cottonweave from Rekotex, leather from Tärnsjo garveri, and linen thread spun by weaver Stefan Moberg.



Offers advanced 3D printing with innovative materials and designs. They manufacture sustainable furniture, interiors and structures that are 100% circular. The majority of material used is recycled from waste such as old fishing nets or used car bumpers. For SPOK they have printed table frame and benches in bio-composite using several of the varying possibilities that the 3D printing technique has to offer.

Hitex Robot Tuft

Since 1982 they have produced carpets and rugs in Svängsta as well as developing and marketing their own machines and software for automated tufting, a process where thread is  attached with a tufting gun, onto a stretched backing. For the exhibition Hitex manufactured two custom seat carpets in wool.

Sölvesborgs Glasmästeri

A company with 120 years of experience offer a wide variety of window glass ranging from renovation and construction to special orders. The company works in close relation with their customer putting emphasis on advisory methods to find smart solutions. For SPOK they have delivered the smoky black, glass table top.


Arium Sverige

Arium Sverige is a company that specializes in tailoring storage organizers for tools, photos, drones, etc. They use CNC, laser cutting, 3D and CAD programs and are optimal for collaboration when it comes to developing prototypes or smaller series for testing. They work in a wide variety of materials and for SPOK they have custom made CNC inlays for the tabletop.

Sällstorp Plåt och Lack 

They have built a modern facility to be the best at painting and specializing in car painting. In their painting workshop, they perform both smaller spot repair and complete painting jobs. The highly equipped workshop is designed to give the best result in surface finish. For SPOK they have used leftover paint to surface treat the stools and table frame.


Sheet metal processing company with a large machine park in Falkenberg. Wabeno offers unique production opportunities with a modern machine park for sheet metal processing. Punching, bending, laser cutting, welding, assembling. For SPOK Punkt, table legs and stools have been cut, bent and assembled by Wabeno.


Benjamin Holm

Well-equipped carpentry located in Förslöv that accept small and large projects. The company delivers with great professionalism with a long experience in special carpentry and furniture prototyping. The table and the stool legs are turned, surface treated and assembled by the carpentry.

Skillinge Emalj

Enamel factory run by Helena Åkesson with emphasis on creative and artistic projects. The company makes its own unique series of interior details and are happy to collaborate with architects, designers and artists. For SPOK they have created a custom tabletop with the enamals durable properties which work well in demanding, public environments.


The company works with igneous rock diabase which is sourced in Skåne. The diabase is mined in quarries in northeastern Skåne and is considered to be one of the world's richest sources of this material. It is malleable and has a deep black tone. Kullaro supplied the four seats for stools.

About SPOK

SPOK is a production platform that aims to gather and spread knowledge about local manufacturing possibilities ranging from handicrafts to industries. SPOK aims to promote the development of local production in Sweden and in the long term also more-local consumption. In 2020, SPOK was launched nationally and the following year the first four hubs joined, Halland, Blekinge, Skåne and Västra Götaland.

SPOK has its starting point from Form/Design Center which is the principal for the project with Anna Gudmundsdottir as project manager. SPOK is founded and developed by Jenny Nordberg, who is also its creative leader. SPOK has been implemented with the support of Region SkåneMalmö StadLänsstyrelsen SkåneKulturrådet and Tillväxtverket

SPOK hubs

SPOK Blekinge, run by Region Blekinge in collaboration with Techtank.

SPOK Halland, run by Region Halland in collaboration with Falkenberg municipality through Rian design museum.

SPOK Västra Götaland, is run in collaboration between the Administration for Cultural Development, Svensk Form Väst and Dacapo Mariestad. SPOK Västra Götaland is financed by the Västra Götaland region.

SPOK Skåne, run (just like SPOK Sweden) with Form/Design Center and founder Jenny Nordberg as principals. The initiative is implemented with support from Region Skåne, the City of Malmö and the County Administrative Board of Skåne.