Through short presentations of cases by a variety of designers, illustrators, architects and commissioners we will showcase the design process as a power that develops attractive societies.

This seminary is for both commissioners and practitioners, as well as for the interested public. It is organized by SVID, The Swedish Industrial Design Foundation and Illustratörcentrum in collaboration with Svensk Form.


14.00–14.15 Welcome! Jonas Olsson, CEO of the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID), welcomes and presents the organizers and today's program.

14.15–14.30 Open Malmö. Nina Warnolf (curator and exhibition producer) and Karin Karlsson (main project manager), City of Malmö

14.30–14.45 Rodes Futura “Keeping History Contemporary” - The design process as a tool with a strategy of documentation. Michaela Green (graphic designer), HolsterGreen

14.45–15.00 To design a playground. Annika Carlsson (illustrator, set designer, designer), about Teaterlekplatsen Malmö

15.00–15.15 Paus

15.15–15.30 Varvsstaden, to develop the district with the support of a toolbox. Hanne Birk (architect & development manager), Varvsstaden AB

15.30–15.45 Experiences from a landscape architect practice. Anders Berg (landscape architect) Berg & Dahl

15.45-16.00 Walking with minerals. Petra Lilja (designer and design researcher) & Anette Væring (art director, researcher and designer)

16.00–16.15 Paus

16.15–16.45 Panel and audience discussions. Mats Widbom (CEO of Svensk Form), Jonas Olsson (CEO of the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation), Caroline Agné (operations manager for Illustrator Center), Karin Karlsson (project manager for Öppna Malmö) and Annika Carlsson (illustrator, designer).

16.45–18.00 Mingle