In Drawing Room, local designers invite international designers they admire to an international meeting of graphic form in its broadest sense. This time Malmö-based Arad Golan Coll has invited the Spanish designer Laura Liedo.

The event takes place in collaboration with the Illustratörcentrum, which is on site and has a release for the catalog Swedish Illustrators & Graphic Designers 2023 – an award-winning catalog with 212 illustrators, graphic designers and animators who show a diversity of creativity. All visitors gets a catalog home with them!

Laura Liedo

Laura Liedo is an illustrator based in Barcelona. She studied creative illustration at EINA art school. She works for different international magazines and newspapers. Among her clients we can find the Boston Globe, Time Magazine, Vogue or Wall Street Journal. Laura's work is usually conceptual, simple shapes, flat colors, looking for a touch of humor or tenderness in her characters. 

Arad Golan Coll

Arad Golan Coll is a freelance illustrator based in Malmö. He holds a BA (Hons) Illustration degree from Falmouth University (UK) and has previously shortly studied graphic design and printmaking. He works mainly with editorial clients both in Sweden and abroad and does the occasional book cover or poster artwork. With particular love for printmaking techniques and playful ideas, he also enjoys spending time on personal work alongside his commissioned work. Clients include; Regeringskansliet,The Guardian Labs, Money Magazine, Alkohol & Narkotika.


Illustratörcentrum is Sweden's largest mediator of creators in visual communication and works for a sustainable working situation for creators throughout the country.