When a concrete structure is made there is excess, wet concrete produced. M.U.S – Malmö Upcycling Service has made simple forms which this left-over material can be poured into so that the material is used rather than discarded. The objects are made in collaboration with Starka Betong in Kristianstad.

Malmö Upcycling Service is a Malmö based design collective focusing on exploring the potential of materials left over from local manufacturers – materials that are often considered garbage. The main purpose of this initiative is to question the role as well as emphasise the responsibility of the designer in circular production and sustainable design processes. M.U.S. works mainly with manufacturers from the south region of Sweden, using their waste material to create new products and change the perception of waste from trash to resource.


Malmö Upcycling Service: Anna Gudmundsdottir, Sonja Signäs, Ellen Berglund, Matilda Ulvbielke & Linda Claesson.