Contributing designers in the exhibition

Karolina Brobeck
Karolina Brobeck is always searching for new ways to develop and twist old techniques and craft tradition is a central motivation.

Future Days
Future Days is a design studio based in Malmö, Sweden, that designs interior details and furniture in futuristic shapes with vibrant colours.

Lisa Hilland
Lisa Hilland creates contemporary design with a poetic twist, combining modern high-tech production techniques with artisan quality craftsmanship.

Carina Seth Andersson
Swedish designer who have made many modern classics in glass. Many of her works are exhibited at museums both in Sweden and internationally.

Siri Skillgate
Skillgate Design in a multidisciplinary designstudio based in Malmö, Sweden. In the studio they work both with innovations within the area of textile and production as well with more product and furniture design related projects.

Kristina Stark
Kristina Stark is an industrial designer working with domestic design, creating products and accessories for the home, the kitchen and the table for many clients in Sweden and abroad.

Studio Trojka
The design practice is based in Sweden and in Japan. They design a wide range of products; furniture for home and offices, consumer electronics and everyday objects.