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Beyond design-build: A completely different path


Design-build construction holds great potential for different buildings and urban plans. But design-build can also be a springboard for completely different ways of running an architectural business.

I egen regi

Siegel and Egnahemsfabriken are two practices that used design-build construction as a gateway to particularly unusual ways of working.

During the last ten years, Siegel's business has expanded from design-build construction to a business that includes both long-term management and leasing, sales and hotels. Here, Siegel shares thoughts and lessons learned from three projects from a growing list of design-build projects. Egnahemsfabriken is an association and building platform that engages in co-creative design processes and carries out collective buildings where the process itself is a meeting place that generates cultural added value and strengthens social sustainability – the process is as important as the built result.



Siegel Iggy_010


Project: Ohboy, Iggy, Shiitake

Siegel is a real estate company with architecture, construction and management activities for housing, hotels, restaurants and businesses. As an office, they belong in the posthuman style of architecture (the functionalist, modern puts the human at the centre, the posthuman also animals, insects, plants, earth, fire, air and water) They like the punk DIY attitude and are passionate about exploring and building the future.

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Röd Ark


Project: Husebybergen

Egnahemsfabriken is a cross-disciplinary cooperative consisting of architects, carpenters, landscape architects, gardeners, construction educators and more. The core of their business is that they design and build houses together with and for their members. 

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