Form/Design Center opens a pop-up shop at Lokstallarna during Southern Sweden Design Days 19-22 May! Until 19 April, it is possible for designers participating in Southern Sweden Design Days to apply to sell their products in the pop-up shop.

The products will be presented in a mobile exhibition concept on wheels designed by Stoft studio and Kajsa Willner and can be purchased by visitors directly on site. Take the opportunity to display and sell your products to a wide audience during the four days of the design festival! 

Terms for participation

Application is open for: 

Designers participating in Southern Sweden Design Days 2022. 

Objects with a retail price of up to SEK 3,000 incl. VAT.*

* Optimal price situation for this type of sales channel and visitors, we estimate to be around SEK 100 -1 000 incl. VAT, but we welcome items up to SEK 3 000 incl. VAT

Sales in the pop-up shop are based on commission. Form/Design Center takes 35% in commission on sales. Designers receive a 65% payout on pieces sold in the pop-up shop.

Application and selection

Designers apply to participate in Form/Design Center’s popup store at Lokstallarna by submitting an application (standing A4 format) to no later than 23:59 on 19 April 2022, including the following information:


Designer/studio name 
SSDD 2022 program activity 
Phone no. 


Title of object
Type of object 
Dimensions (LxWxH) 
Brief description of object 
Retail price in SEK (incl. VAT) 
Image/s (photos, sketches and/or renderings of objects)

It is possible to apply with several objects. The final selection is made by Form/Design Center. Feedback on the applications will be given no later than 26 April, and applicants will be notified if their objects have been selected to be included in Form/Design Center's pop-up shop during Southern Sweden Design Days 2022. 

NOTE: It is not necessary to apply to participate in the pop-up store with items that are already in the Form/Design Center's regular store assortment.