The doors open at 17.30 when you have the opportunity to see a pop-up exhibition about Mourali's works and books published by Lomme's Set Margins' publications.

At 18.00 Mourali's lecture starts and is held in Swedish, the subsequent conversation with Lomme is held in English. The event takes place in connection with the exhibition with the same name being shown at Hemslöjden in Landskrona with a vernissage on September 9. The exhibition runs until September 18. Read more here

The lecture is organised by Form/Design Center and Staden Malmös Hemslöjdsförening in collaboration with IASPIS, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s international programme for visual and applied arts.

About the project

The project "In Thoughts, Together" explores the collective memory image related to the cultural heritage surrounding the Hedared basket. The work builds on ongoing research and will be exhibited at Hemslöjden in Skåne during the autumn. Fadhel Mourali has studied the basket as a cultural-historical artifact, an object that carries various stories about identity and belonging.

During 2022, Mourali, together with members of Hedareds Byalag, through a series of interviews and conversations, explored the village's common memory around the basket. Conversations that moved between topics such as industrialization, class, heritage and faith in the future. This is also a personal journey, as Fadhel's great-grandfather, Lennart Pettersson, was a craftsman known as 'the last basket maker from Risa'. Risa is a small community outside Hedared.

In the exhibition 'In Thoughts, Together' in Landskrona, Mourali shows woven articles created from the dialogue and exchange of perspectives that arose during the work with the village team. These weavings are presented together with Hedared baskets from the Pettersson family's own collections.

The project has both practical and theoretical dimensions and is the basis for Mouralis' ongoing book project "The Basket: Notes on craft, tradition, cosmopolite life." During the lecture, Mourali presents how the theoretical part informed the practical work, a process that resulted in writing becoming an essential part of his weaving. This is explored in more detail in a conversation with the Dutch publisher and collaborator of the book 'The Basket', Freek Lomme. Together they will discuss the theme of the exhibition in relation to the ongoing book project.

About Fadhel Mourali

Fadhel Mourali works as a textile designer and hand weaver based at Cockpit Arts in London. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2021, he has been researching the Hedared basket. With roots in both Sweden and Tunisia, Fadhel is fascinated by identity and finding that special place of longing in his work. He works between theory and practice, to explore the connections between cultural history and the present, hoping to reach the core of a subject, to fully understand a material, object or story.

Instagram: @fadhel.mourali

About Freek Lomme

Freek Lomme is founding director of Set Margins’ publications, freelance curator, editor, writer, lecturer, and tutor. He founded Onomatopee projects in 2006 and left in 2022. Over the years he made over 200 publications and many exhibitions. Topical in his focus as well as typical to his practice, Freek explores forms of organization and communication with an independent angle, with a particular interest in identity politics.