With collection/show RECOUTURE, Pampas aim to highlight how we can redefine fashion through the theme of CARE.
Through RECOUTURE, the fashion brand seek to encourage a reassessment of what already exists, to reshape and genuinely care, and to use craftsmanship to tell a story. RECOUTURE is a fusion of historical fabrics and innovative design, where AI has played a part in the creation process. This collection represents a bridge between tradition and the future of fashion.
The garments and accessories presented under RECOUTURE are created from deadstock as well as secondhand fabrics, clothes, and accessories. 

Beyond the display, the event offer an immersive experience that combines visual effects, soundscapes, and elements in the room with other exhibitors.


The fashion show is approximately 20 minutes long.


On 23–26 May, Southern Sweden Design Days is back for the 4th edition. During four days, the city is filled with exhibitions, seminars, workshops and networking events at more than 70 different locations.

Southern Sweden Design Days invites visitors from all over the world to explore a wide range of design areas focusing on sustainability, development and innovation – from artistically progressive objects to examples of how leftover industrial materials can be given new life. Galleries, shops, showrooms and designers' workspaces are open to visitors. 

Lokstallarna in Kirseberg is the festivals Main location with 6,000 square meters of exhibitions, a live studio, activities for kids, a food court and much more.