The conference is organised by Form/Design Center and Region Skåne in collaboration with the Academy of Architecture, the Arwidsson Foundation, LTH – Architecture and Built Environment, Nätverk Kulturmiljö Skåne and Sveriges Arkitekter Skåne. The day ends with the awarding of Region Skåne's Architecture Prize.


The morning is devoted to the design linked to policies and community building. How do you translate theory and politics into practice? Is there a need for new forms of support system and which actors play a key role when we create the sustainable living environments of the future? How can the public sector act as a model and how do we ensure quality over short-term financial gain?


The afternoon explores the concept of transformation. How can we adaptively reuse rather than casually tear down? What do we do with the stock of buildings and districts from the middle to the end of the 20th century whose shape and spatial configuration do not comply with the conventions for what is considered aesthetically pleasing today?