Melissa Ciardullo will start us off and give you a bigger perspective on circular economy and some of the sustainable challenges we all face.

Anna Gudmundsdottir from Malmö Upcycling Service will take over and introduce the purpose of the workshop and also show some local examples of practice.

Seth and Akil from RESOLVE COLLECTIVE will set the frame work for the coming workshop and share knowledge and insights from their own experiences of working across art, design and architecture to make community-focused work that aims to have long-term impact on area and its inhabitants.


RESOLVE COLLECTIVE – an interdisciplinary design collective that aims to meet complex, social challenges by combining architecture, art, technology and engineering. They have organized numerous projects, workshops and talks in the UK and Europe, as well as various initiatives to introduce young people from under-represented backgrounds to concepts in interdisciplinary design. What both initiatives have in common is that they work to make use of local resources, both in terms of material and knowledge.

About Malmö Upcycling Service

Malmö Upcycling Service is a design studio, based in Malmö since 2017, that creates products, interiors, installations and other artistic creations by using waste materials from industry. The aim of the initiative is to produce examples that show the possibilities of using waste and try to change the view of the material to be seen as a resource rather than an unwanted by-product from other manufacturing.