In the spring of 2021, the Blekinge Region will launch the SPOK (contemporary production and consumption) concept in Blekinge. SPOK is a concept from Skåne developed by Form/Design Center that promotes locally produced art and manufacturing. SPOK Blekinge is run by Region Blekinge in collaboration with Techtank.

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Welcome! The purpose of SPOK, what it is and what gives success. Form and design + industry = true Speaker: Anna Gudmunsdottir, Form / Design Center.

Why are we establishing SPOK in Blekinge. Speakers: Malena Sandgren, Head of Operations Culture and Education and Tobias Delfin, Head of Regional Growth, Blekinge Region.

Louise Hederström Louise Hederström tells how she has used SPOK. The following spoke: Louise Hederström.

Functionality of the concept Technical review with search function and other properties and assets. Speaker: Martin Johansson Techtank.

Questions from the chat Paus 10 min

Infrastructure och support linked to product development, matching, product launch, agreements and finance. Speakers: Anders Johansson, Almi.

Process map and approach Speakers: Anna Gudmunsdottir, Form/Design Center.

Blekinge companies reflect their ideas abbout the possibilities of SPOK Region Blekinge is looking for 8-10 designers and designers who want to be part of the test panel for SPOK. Speaker: Hanna Nilsson, project manager Region Blekinge

Concluding words and answers to questions from the chat in four digital rooms


The program ends with us opening four digital rooms, where you can freely mingle, ask more individual questions or have in-depth conversations within the following theme:

SPOK - then, now and in the future. Hosts in the room are Anna Gudmunsdottir, Form / Design Center and Louise Hederström, designer.
Test panel - an experimental world. Hosts in the room are Hanna Nilsson and Görel Abramsson, Blekinge Region.
The mysteries and possibilities of the digital platform. Technical support by Martin Johansson, Techtank.
Is this something for me? Carina Karlsson, Region Blekinge talks to you who are designers, manufacturers, craftsmen, or you may be all this at the same time or just sometimes.


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SPOK (Contemporary production and consumption) aims to gather and spread knowledge about local manufacturing opportunities, from handicraft to industry. In 2020, the platform expanded after the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth granted SPOK funds to strengthen the conditions for industrialization and manufacturing in Sweden. The aim of the initiative was to spread the platform nationally with the help of a network of self-propelled, regional hubs that administer the listing of companies locally. SPOK was founded by designer Jenny Nordberg and is run by Form/Design Center.