We have been manufacturing lamps for almost a hundred years. Not assembled, but made for real. Milled, drilled, pressed and surface treated. For a number of years, we even ran our own glassworks in Småland to manufacture our chimneys. Just as it sounds, a lamp from us is a real craft. A craft set in system. What do we mean by that? We let the human hand be there where it is needed. Not as an end in itself. This means that our lamps are of a high quality, without becoming insoluble. In other words; available to everyone.

At the same time, we do not strive to become a giant in the lighting industry, but we want everything that leaves us to have a soul. Lamps that you can live with for a long time (we are real opponents of wear and tear). We have a whole collection for you who are a consumer. But we also produce special products for the object market. From street lighting on Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm, to ceiling lighting at Kennedy Center in Washington. Now you know a little more about us.