Jollygoodfellow is a duo consisting of Mr & Mrs Tanttu - Esa (graphic designer) and Lisa (art and design educator). Since the start, they have worked on the border between design, art and craft. Through different types of products, the duo work with a graphic expression from design to finished product, including artisanal printing.

Experiments with three-dimensional objects in cork, cardboard and concrete work as a complement. Things that inspire are nature, everyday life and ordinary things.

Because sustainability is important to jollygoodfellow, Esa and Lisa use environmentally friendly paper, organic cotton and reuse test prints in different ways.

The main focus is on hand-printed posters and the technology is screen printing. It usually starts with a photo that is digitally adjusted and then transferred to a screen frame. Everything is then printed by hand in your own garage printing house.

Jollygoodfellow is happy to collaborate.

Here is a short video