Balzar Beskow has made furniture for the contract market since the start in 1957. We still produce the furniture at our own factory in Mönsterås, Sweden. Through the years we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge that we share to help our costumers so that they get the most out of their furniture and facilities when they furnish them.

We are a family owned company which puts the customer first and upholds a high quality on our products. In the cases where the standard measurements and/or specifications of our products aren´t enough we will always try to accommodate the customers needs if it can be done technically and at a reasonable cost.

Swedish craftsmanship, quality and choice of materials used are important starting points for us. This is why we since the start work with independent designers who have their roots in craftsmanship, tradition and quality. We strive to meet the needs of our customers and design and build our furniture to last through demanding use in daily life.