We do what we love as long as we love what we do.
That's how it started in 2011 and this year we celebrate 11 years in business.

Being designers, makers, crafters and artists our passion has only grown through the years and we feel honored
to do what we love. Craftsmanship and sustainability has always been at the heart of everything we do.

High quality, handcrafted items have been in production for thousands of years – but it’s only recently they're referred
to as ‘sustainable’. Whatever you like to call it, we only craft what is needed and always use natural materials. We hope
you’ll feel inspired by our complete collection.

All our homeware items are crafted with passion and care and we pride ourselves on offering
unique, long-lasting items designed to add a positive vibe to your home. 

avEVA originally refers to the designer and founder behind the company and simply with the
Swedish meaning:  byEVA. But alone is not strong, so over the years some loving people joined
and added their passion to AVEVA DESIGN TEAM. 

We hope to inspire!