The exhibition Unplugged presents a possible future where energy shortages can occur more often due to society switching to a completely renewable energy system.

Energy shortages can manifest themselves in the form of power outages or restrictions on how much electricity can be used. By inviting the visitor to a completely ordinary kitchen, where certain details in the interior and products suggest that something is different, the exhibition shows a familiar but at the same time alternative everyday life that broadens the view of the individual and society's current electricity dependence. The visitor is challenged to reflect on their energy-intensive life puzzle – what would happen in the event of a prolonged power outage?

The exhibition wants to create an understanding that a future with a certain energy shortage does not have to involve problems, but on the contrary, an opportunity to accelerate a transition to a more sustainable everyday life.

Unplugged is part of the research project Designing Everyday Energy Resilience which is run by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and Chalmers University of Technology, among others.

The project has funding from the research and innovation program Design for everyday energy efficiency, which is run by the Swedish Energy Agency and coordinated by SVID, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation.