The exhibition Swedish Fashion & Design Stories portrays a number of designers who in various ways have led the way in the Swedish design scene since the turn of the millennium. These pioneers are unique in their practice but are united by their handiwork, artistic tradition and social commitment – all clear tendencies in contemporary Swedish fashion and design, which the exhibition places in a broader social perspective.

Swedish Fashion & Design Stories focuses on a number of groundbreaking individual designers and therefore narrates a somewhat different story than the one about the great commercial successes that have placed Sweden on the international design map.

Swedish Fashion & Design Stories is a text- and image-based exhibition concept produced by the Swedish Institute so that Swedish diplomatic missions abroad can inform people around the world about Swedish design. The exhibition is curated by Rebecca Ahlstedt and is produced in collaboration with Form Content. During 2017 it will be shown in a number of countries but has never before been exhibited as a whole in Sweden.

The exhibition is a joint project between the Swedish Institute, Form/Design Center and the Embassy of Sweden in Copenhagen.


Swedish Fashion Stories:
Ann-Sofie Back, Sandra Backlund, Martin Bergström, Erik Bjerkesjö, Ulrika Elovsson, Ida Klamborn, Lamija, Minna Palmqvist, Bea Szenfeld, Patrik Söderstam.

Swedish Design Stories:
Zandra Ahl, Anton Alvarez, Front, Färg & Blanche, Åsa Jugnelius, Märta Mattsson, Samir Alj Fält, Transformator, Uglycute, Örnsbergsauktionen.