The house has acted as a "test site" for regenerative construction and a place for experimentation, knowledge and change through art, architecture and participant-based arrangements. As a method, Steninge's history and preconditions have been carefully studied in order to safeguard the ecosystem, cultural landscape and the local building and material traditions. At its core lies a desire to build and live in harmony with the surrounding nature. Maybe the solutions for our global challenges are to be found on a small scale?

The exhibition presents process and experiences layered with construction techniques and art. In a correspondence between the couple and the architect Lars Fridén, a poetic dialogue takes place about ideology, identity and place.


Patrik Bengtsson, interior architect and furniture designer educated at Konstfack, Capellagården's furniture and interior carpentry and with experience in building maintenance. Works as a consultant for FOJAB arkitekter in Malmö and runs a parallel design studio with furniture design. Believes that theory and practice need to interact to a greater extent.

Caroline Mårtensson, artist, educated at the University of Art in Malmö (M.F.A), as well as shorter courses in agriculture and environmental science. Works research-based, interdisciplinary, place- or situation-bound in relation to issues focused on the environment and climate, with an interest in the psychological barriers that stand in the way of engagement and norm change.