Designers Lisa Darland (SE), Pia Angela Rasmussen (DK) and Ida Blichfeld (DK) met at The Royal Academy in Copenhagen, where they developed different approaches working with textiles and the contexts of materiality. For SSDD 2023, they meet as young designers collaborating, using craft, narrative and performativity, to compose a soft stilleben.

Working as a nomadic textile collective, the group resonates with the question of function and aesthetics. They seek to mix and reinstall textile design, asking how they, as designers, can find a common language in the balance of dissonance and harmony. By composing textiles and objects in a soft Stilleben, they aim to investigate the space between objects and the details within, from the treads' vibrations, colour expression to narrative stories.

A stilleben that emphasizes the variety of approaches and expressions of the textile designers. With Soft Balance, they come together as designers seeking a professional fellowship and trying to find their role in the balance of craft, industry, traditions and the ever-evolving technologies with the challenges of today's society. Step inside a soft experience where you can look, interact and touch.